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Information Tracer

Social media intelligence gathering and anomaly detection
Built in collaboration with the International Center for Journalists LEAP Innovation Lab Read the announcement
The core features include: Rolli Information Tracer tackles two critical challenges: the spread of misinformation on social media and maintaining journalistic integrity in the digital age. These issues, though distinct, are deeply interconnected and significantly impact public discourse and democratic processes.
Advanced Anomaly Detection Utilizing cutting-edge algorithms, the tool scans social media platforms for patterns and anomalies that typically indicate misinformation campaigns. This includes tracking sudden spikes in activity, identifying bot-like behaviors, and monitoring coordinated content sharing.
Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting Journalists receive real-time alerts and detailed reports about potential misinformation campaigns, enabling them to respond swiftly and effectively. This feature is particularly crucial in fast-moving news environments.
Cross-Platform Analysis Rolli Information Tracer is equipped to work across various social media platforms, enabling a comprehensive view of how misinformation campaigns may spread from one platform to another, ensuring a holistic understanding of the misinformation landscape.
User-Friendly Dashboard The platform is designed to be accessible to journalists with varying levels of technical expertise, featuring an intuitive interface that simplifies the complex process of data analysis.
Collaborative Intelligence The tool combines machine learning with human expertise. We partner with research institutions and linguistic experts to contextualize the data, ensuring that cultural nuances and language-specific subtleties are accurately interpreted.
Educational Resources and Support We provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to journalists, ensuring they can maximize the tool's capabilities and stay updated on the latest trends in misinformation.
Use Case I: Expose Coordinated Campaigns We develop an ensemble of technical signals to identify inauthentic behaviors behind online campaigns. We work with research institutions and humanitarian agencies to monitor misinformation narratives across the globe. By combining our intelligence with people who understand local politics and languages, we can effectively identify emerging false narratives.
Use Case II: Detect Online Hate Speech We collaborated with Worldie, a Social Media for Good organization, to investigate cyberbullying operations targeting Amber Heard, actress and human rights activist. Using data collected by Information Tracer, we gathered evidence of hate speech campaigns targeting prominent women figures including Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.
Use Case III: Discover Scam and Fraud Sites To discover a scam on social media, we search for posts containing suspicious keywords (like 'download crypto', 'forextrader', 'free coupon'), and detect suspicious accounts or risky URLs based on information sharing patterns.