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Rolli's Local News Initiative

Our Local News Initiative is a cornerstone of our mission to revitalize and support local, nonprofit, and independent journalism. At Rolli, we believe that sustainable and representative local news is critical for democratic societies and therefore we support various local newsrooms by providing them with complimentary access to all of Rolli’s tools, resources, and trainings. This includes making disinformation detection tools and resources widely available to BIPOC journalists reporting in minority communities, as they are disproportionately affected by disinformation.

This initiative has already received support and funding through the Press Forward Initiative, which is committing $500 million to reinvigorate local news over the next 5 years. American Public Media Group’s Glen Nelson Center made this early-stage investment in Rolli aimed at supporting and expanding the work we are doing revitalizing local news​​, especially focusing on BIPOC newsrooms and communities.

Key Partnerships to Further our Local News Initiative

Goals and Impact

Future Vision

Rolli's local news initiative is a pivotal effort to restore and enhance local journalism by leveraging cutting-edge technology and fostering equitable access to accurate information. Through active engagement with local communities and building collaborative relationships with NGOs, government entities, other businesses, and consortiums, we are dedicated to supporting journalists and upholding the integrity of news in the digital age. By working closely with these diverse stakeholders, we ensure that the Rolli platform addresses the unique needs of each community, promotes inclusivity, and strengthens the overall ecosystem of local news.

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