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All because of Rolli

“When the news about Silicon Valley Bank hit, reporters started contacting me. I ended up doing multiple interviews, including a TV interview for Reuters. All because of Rolli”

Paul Orlando

Professor, USC & Author, Growth Units

By far one of the best tools

“This is by far one of the best tools that a producer can use. I have been using this service since it launched and I tell every producer I know about it when trying to find an expert guest, especially on short notice.”

Colton Salaz

News Producer, Washington DC

Rolli is a go-to resource

“Rolli is a go-to resource when I’m on deadline and need to book a reliable expert. I already know the experts are vetted and willing to appear on camera. Rolli makes it easy to search by topic and location when I need to quickly find the right interview for a story or breaking news.”

Cory Minderhout

Bureau Chief, Los Angeles

Selection of experts is incredible

“My experience using Rolli for the latest documentaries I've been producing has been great. The attention of the team and the selection of experts they have is incredible and always a great added value to the production.”

Jessica Rutenberg

Documentary Producer, Miami

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Media Mentor


  • Includes News Planner & Press Pass, Plus:
  • Gain skills as a Media Trainer
  • Apply to learn more about potential earnings
By Application Only By Application Only

$ 1999

$ 199

Annual Membership

Monthly Membership

News Planner


  • Includes Press Pass, Plus:
  • News Planning Calendar with 40,000+ US events.
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$ 490

$ 49

Annual Membership

Monthly Membership

Press Pass


  • AI-Enabled Expert Search
  • Advanced News Feed
  • Article Engagement Analytics
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Complimentary Access!

Complimentary Access!

First Year Free

First Year Free

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Expert Thought-Leader


  • Includes Expert Essentials & Spotlight, Plus:
  • Full Account Management & Optimization
  • Soundbite Training, Production and Distribution
  • 1:1 Quarterly Bespoke Media Training
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$ 2490

$ 249

Annual Membership

Monthly Membership

Expert Spotlight


  • Includes Expert Essentials, Plus:
  • AI-Powered Profile Spotlight Amplification
  • Explore 40,000+ News Events & Conferences
  • Semi-Annual Bespoke Media Training
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$ 1990

$ 199

Annual Membership

Monthly Membership

Expert Essentials


  • AI-Enhanced Profile Discovery
  • Advanced News Discovery
  • Profile & Content Analytics
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Complimentary Access!

Complimentary Access!

First Year Free

First Year Free

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Organizational Thought-Leaders


  • Includes Organization Essentials & Spotlight
  • Full Account Management & Optimization
  • Quarterly Bespoke Media Training for 10 experts
  • Multiplatform Content Training, Production and Distribution
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$ 10000

$ 1000

Annual Membership

Monthly Membership

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As local newsrooms across the US face challenges and closures,
the need for impactful journalism in our communities has never been greater.

Rolli stands by local and nonprofit journalists, offering complimentary access to keep your news operation running efficiently.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Rolli’s founder recently sat down to answer all your questions!

Are there any guarantees?

Rolli has no editorial influence on journalists, therefore we do not guarantee bookings. 

However, we are confident of the value that Rolli provides to qualified subject matter experts (SMEs), organizations, and journalists. For that reason, Rolli offers a full money-back satisfaction guarantee on yearly memberships. Why a year? Because news works on a cycle, and experts may need to wait for their expertise to have increased news relevance to receive media requests.

What does Rolli do with my information?

You are a valuable member of our community, not as a set of data points to be monetized. We only use the information you provide to fulfill our stated purpose of connecting our community of experts, organizations, and content producers.

We do not sell or otherwise make your information available to anyone outside the Rolli platform.

Rolli takes your privacy very seriously and we're proud of our commitment to guarding your information. For more details, please see our Privacy Policy and don't hesitate to contact us at with any questions.

Who is considered an "Expert"?

Experts on Rolli must have either advanced degrees or at least 7-10 years of experience working in a particular subject. Many Rolli experts are licensed, like doctors, real estate professionals, and lawyers; others are authors, thought-leaders, or involved in groundbreaking research.

Experts on Rolli are vetted to standards backed by the Poynter Institute for Journalism.



How is Rolli different from other tools, like HARO?

Rolli is nothing like any other tool because unlike most tools created to sell journalists’ data and emails, Rolli is the first platform solely built for journalists. Rolli’s mission is to provide journalists with cutting edge news gathering tools to make their work more efficient, without selling their data or charging booking fees. 

Unlike HARO, Rolli works for any journalist on any deadline, and we vet all of our experts.

Rolli is journalist owned and operated, most other tools out there (including HARO) are owned by PR.



Unlock Lasting Value in Your First 30 Days!

Expert Thought-Leader Plan

Weeks 1-2: Discovery & Strategy Sessions for Impactful Presence.

We'll collaborate closely with you to understand your background, expertise, and goals. This will help us optimize your platform presence and set the stage for media training. After discovery, we'll handle the creation and optimization of your profiles.

Weeks 3-4: Media Training to Master Your Messaging & Amplify Your Content.

Our award-winning media trainers will conduct your first personalized training session followed by quarterly workshops. Following this, our experienced content team will conduct, create and amplify engaging long-form and succinct soundbite interviews for maximum impact and awareness, across podcast and social platforms.

Rolli Will Unlock Lasting Value in Your First 30 Days, Guaranteed!

Organizational Thought-Leaders Plan

Weeks 1-2: Discovery to Empower Your Organization's Presence.

We'll uncover the essence of your organization's expertise, goals, and aspirations through collaborative discovery and strategy sessions. This serves as the foundation to optimize your collective platform presence and prepare for media training. Subsequently, we'll expertly craft and refine your profiles, ensuring they stand out.

Weeks 3-4: Media Training to Elevate Messaging & Amplify the Impact of Your Content.

Immerse your team in comprehensive media training led by our accomplished experts, with personalized sessions and quarterly workshops. Following this, our skilled content team will curate, produce, and amplify captivating long-form podcast episodes and concise soundbite interviews across podcast and social platforms, magnifying your organization's influence and reach.

Where world-class experts deliver world-class interviews.