The information and experts you find on Rolli are highly vetted to the standards used by the Poynter Institute, NPR, AP, and leading newsrooms. All members on the platform must be approved before joining, following this rigorous process. We never favor deep pockets over deep expertise and ensure that anybody who should join Rolli, is able to. We are a reliable source of credible expertise across all industries.

How We Vet:

Our seven step process is the most rigorous in the industry.

  • 1 Verify email address and location to account name, check backlinks and any information that comes up upon searching the internet.
  • 2 Verify that name and title on the application, match that on these sites: - University or Organization site (must be .edu, .org or other accredited institution in good standing) - Twitter - LinkedIn - Resume or CV (if available)
  • 3 Verify that information listed on University/Org site, matches that listed on LinkedIn and/or Twitter
  • 4 If a licensed profession, (medicine, law, real estate, etc) confirm license and good standing with state board
  • 5 Verify previously published content where person was quoted (news articles and the like) for consistency, expertise, confirming name/titles
  • 6 For authors, confirm title and author of the book on an independent book publisher/seller site
  • 7 If one or more of these steps can't be completed, request supplemental information as needed. An interview may be necessary in certain cases.
  • 8 Vetting and approval is based on merit, and merit alone. Verification cannot be bought, sold, or transferred.

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Reliable information is at the core of what we do.

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