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We help producers discover and book new, diverse voices and perspectives from the world's leading subject matter experts.
Rolli is the trusted platform for:
Experts Showcase your expertise to leading producers and journalists who search for experts like you every day.
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Media Producers Instantly search our database of experts and filter by expertise, location, availability, language and much more.
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Organizations Pull back the veil on your organization & its members while staying at the center of the booking process.
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Media relations, evolved.
Designed for the work we do every day.
When you join Rolli, you join a community of respected media professionals, thought-leaders, experts and organizations.  Create more informative and compelling content, together.
Not just any interview, the right interview.
Founded by a former cable news executive, our innovative approach saves time by instantly giving producers the full picture of a member's expertise.  Rolli showcases leading experts to producers and journalists when & where it matters.
Discover new voices, book with confidence.
Rolli is a vetted community emphasizing quality over quantity.  Members include journalists and editors in leading newsrooms, documentary producers and influential podcasters, as well as internationally recognized experts from top universities, think-tanks, NGOs, and the private sector.
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