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Who We Are

Rolli was founded by a former news producer who understands the time-consuming process of researching and booking subject matter experts. Our solution is based directly on real-world insights and strategies learned from working in major newsrooms and with thousands of on-air guests.

Who We Serve

Our platform of vetted members is designed to help leading media professionals discover and book new, world-class experts and organizations, resulting in more informative and compelling content. Rolli members include journalists and editors at leading outlets, documentary producers and influential podcasters, as well as internationally recognized experts from top universities, think-tanks, NGOs, and the private sector.

Rolli's Four Key Pillars


Rolli improves the archaic process of booking experts by implementing innovative solutions designed to help members work more efficiently. The result is a brand new tool unlike any other!


We measure success by our ability to answer the needs of our distinguished members and community, everyday.


Rolli levels the playing field by selling an affordable yearly subscription to the platform, allowing everyone who should join Roll the opportunity to do so.


Rolli prioritizes privacy and security. The data on Rolli will never be used for purposes other than connecting experts and organizations with members of the media. We have not, do not, and will not sell your information to third-parties.

Get Rolling!

When you join Rolli, you join a community of respected media professionals, thought-leaders, experts and organizations to create more informative and compelling content, together. Get Started