About us

Rolli is an American company.
Built by journalists and headquartered in Santa Monica, CA.

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Who We Are

We are a team of current and former news producers, editors and anchors. For decades, we have booked leading experts for our shows and articles. Our Founder and President is Nick Toso, a former CNN executive, producer, and USC MBA who is passionate about improving a booking process that keeps some of the most qualified voices on the sidelines everyday.

Our Pledge to You

We don't believe that booking fees lead to better bookings. We don't sell your data or flood your inbox with pitches. Instead, we pledge to be your partner in a fast-paced media world and provide a private and secure tool that helps you reach your full potential, every day.

What we care about


Book with confidence. We carefully vet each member to ensure the integrity of the platform.


We have the answers because we have lived the problems.


From our technology to the depth and knowledge of our community, Rolli strives to provide you with the best quality experience possible.


Rolli levels the playing field and allows qualified experts to enjoy the benefits of deep media connections, without the expensive PR price tag.

Where Journalists Find Experts

Questions? Write to us at hello@rolliapp.com Get Rolling!