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Newsroom-level access, from your living room

A platform designed by journalists, for the work media professionals do everyday.

Who We Are

Unlike other PR tools, our team has decades of real-world experience inside top newsrooms and has booked countless leading experts and VIPs for TV, Digital, Radio and Print. We know the effort it takes to set up every interview, and more importantly, how to solve the challenges media professionals face every day.

The result is a searchable platform we are proud to call the Best Value in PR. No marketers, spam or booking fees, just connecting great people (like you) together for the greater good.

Our Pledge to You

We don’t believe that booking fees lead to better bookings. We don’t sell your data or flood your inbox with spam. Instead, we pledge to be your partner in a fast-paced media world and provide a safe and secure tool to help you reach your full potential, every day.

That means producing your best content, becoming a recognized voice in your field, or watching your organization’s members receive the recognition they deserve.

Rolli’s mission is to help solve the fundamental challenges journalists and communications professionals face everyday, through our four core principles:


Book with confidence. We carefully vet each member to ensure the integrity of our platform.


We know the solution because we have lived the problem. Rolli leverages technology to solve persistent challenges.


From the reliability of our technology, to the diversity of our members, Rolli strives to be the best and only booking tool you will ever need.


Rolli allows experts to enjoy the benefits of deep media connections, without the expensive PR price tag, and helps journalists discover leading experts and organizations, all on one platform.

Where journalists find vetted experts across hundreds of organizations, all on one platform

Questions? Write to us at contact@rolliapp.com

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