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Media Training

At Rolli, we elevate our expert members with tailored media training led by Emmy Award-winning journalists. Our training ensures that our members are not only credible but also interview-ready and confident, prepared to make a significant impact in the media landscape. Get started by signing up below.

How We Media Train Experts:

We guide you to deliver interviews journalists love.

  • 1 Foundational Media Training: Basics of effective communication, body language, and voice modulation for on-camera and off-camera interactions.
  • 2 Message Crafting: Techniques to develop clear, concise, and compelling messaging tailored to specific audiences and media outlets.
  • 3 Crisis Communication: Strategies to handle tough questions, negative publicity, and unexpected media scenarios with poise.
  • 4 Multiplatform Strategy: Adapting content and delivery for TV, radio, podcasts, social media, and written press, ensuring consistency and impact.
  • 5 Visual Presentation: Guidance on wardrobe, makeup, and backdrop choices to optimize on-camera appearances.
  • 6 Digital Media Savvy: Navigating live streams, webinars, and virtual interviews with technical proficiency and online etiquette.
  • 7 Audience Engagement: Techniques to connect, resonate, and build rapport with diverse audiences across various media platforms.
  • 8 We handpick elite media trainers, from award-winning anchors and executives to journalism faculty, tailored to your needs.