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Top 5 Most Influential Journalists
There are countless numbers of journalists in the United States and around the world that have do...
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National Journalism Day
National Journalism Day or as it is formally known, World Press Freedom Day, is observed every ye...
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Why is journalism important in a democracy?
In a representative democracy, journalism is essential for a healthy functioning society. It can ...
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Most Popular Types of Journalism Careers To Explore (Different types of journalism)
In the following blog post we will explore a few different types of journalism and how journalism...
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What are the Qualities of a Good Journalist?
Journalism is the key cornerstone of our democracy.   Without local journalism, in depth storie...
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What are the requirements to be a journalist?
There is no hard and fast rule about you need to work in the field of journalism. However there i...
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Is Journalism Dying?
A lot of citizens, journalists, and even news outlets may be asking themselves is journalism dyin...
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The Skills Needed to Be a Journalist
Journalism is an ever-changing industry, and journalists need an array of essential skills in ord...
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What can you do with a journalism degree?
Journalism is an important profession, it is often referred to as the fourth estate due to the cr...
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