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Experts Explain Everything is the official Rolli podcast. The EEE Podcast features the world's leading experts on a variety of topics - experts journalists can find on Join Los Angeles News Anchor and LA Press Club Board Member, Catalina Villegas every week, as she takes you beyond the soundbites and into the depths of their expertise.


Nicole Wood Explains Human Trafficking - Experts Explain Everything Podcast

02/10/2023 | 34 min
Nicole Wood is Deputy Director for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. In this episode of Rolli’s Experts Explain Everything, Wood explains the causes behind human trafficking, what many of the victims have in common, and what indica...

Hon. Dana Leigh Marks (Ret.) Explains Immigration Courts - Experts Explain Everything Podcast

12/09/2022 | 28 min
The Honorable Dana Leigh Marks is a retired immigration judge who served 35 years on the bench. Judge Marks has also served multiple terms as President and Vice President of the National Association of Immigration Judges (NAIJ). She is currently an advisor for NAIJ.  In this episode of Rolli...

Sherman Gillums Jr. Explains Emergency Preparedness for People with Disabilities - Experts Explain Everything Podcast

11/29/2022 | 26 min
Sherman Gillums Jr. is a retired US Marine and Director of the Office of Disability Integration Coordination for the Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency in Washington, DC. In this episode of Rolli’s Experts Explain Everything podcast, Mr. Gillums explains ho...

Dr. Asha George Explains Biodefense - Experts Explain Everything Podcast

11/14/2022 | 38 min
Dr. Asha George is the Executive Director of the Bipartisan Commission on Biodefense. She worked in the House of Representatives for the House Committee on Homeland Security, and she has two advanced degrees in public health. She served as an Army intelligence officer and is a decorated Dese...

Tehran Von Ghasri Explains Comedy - Experts Explain Everything Podcast

11/08/2022 | 26 min
Tehran Von Ghasri is an international comedian, actor, host, television and radio personality, with degrees in law and economics.  In this episode of Rolli's Experts Explain Everything podcast, Tehran explains the role comedy plays in a free society, how social media has changed comedy, and ...

Dennis Smith Explains Emergency Planning and Management - Experts Explain Everything Podcast

10/31/2022 | 33 min
Dennis Smith is Planner-in-Residence at Florida State University's Department of Urban and Regional Planning. He is also the Director of the Mark & Marianne Barnebey Planning and Development Lab.In this episode of Rolli's Experts Explain Everything podcast, Professor Smith explains the t...

Cindy Shadel Explains Infidelity and Betrayal - Experts Explain Everything Podcast

10/24/2022 | 39 min
Cindy Shadel is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in helping individuals and couples recover from betrayal, and find or maintain healthy love relationships.In this episode of Rolli's Experts Explain Everything podcast, Cindy explains the causes of infidelity, the tools to...

Marc Patry Explains Galapagos Conservation - Experts Explain Everything Podcast

10/18/2022 | 27 min
Marc Patry is a former UNESCO World Heritage Center point-person for Galapagos conservation and the owner of CNH Tours.On this episode of Rolli's Experts Explain Everything podcast, Marc explains why the Galapagos was the first World Heritage site, why conserving the native animals and plant...

Arturo Porzecanski Explains Inflation - Experts Explain Everything Podcast

10/11/2022 | 22 min
Arturo Porzecanski is an economist and research fellow at American University. He spent three decades on Wall Street and nearly two in academia specializing in international financial issues.In this episode of Rolli's Experts Explain Everything Podcast, Arturo explains what causes inflation ...

Carlos Larrauri Explains Schizophrenia - Experts Explain Everything Podcast

10/04/2022 | 32 min
Carlos Larrauri is a mental health clinician, speaker, and advocate. He is a board-certified Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, a member of the Board of Directors for the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and a Schizophrenia survivor.  In this episode of Rolli's Experts Explain...

Susanne Tedrick Explains Cloud Computing - Experts Explain Everything Podcast

09/16/2022 | 34 min
Susanne Tedrick is a Cloud Computing Specialist and Trainer at Microsoft. She's the author of the book ‘Women of Color in Tech’ and co-author of the upcoming book ‘Innovating for Diversity.’In this episode of Rolli’s Experts Explain Everything, Susanne explains what cloud computing is, how t...

Kit Webster Explains Business Growth & Sustainability - Experts Explain Everything Podcast

08/30/2022 | 17 min
Kit Webster is a business leader, strategist and author. He has been a CEO, CFO and President of private and public companies. He is a CPA and author of the book, ‘Capitalism is Past Its Sell-By-Date.’In this episode of Rolli’s Experts Explain Everything, Kit explains the conflict between bu...

Paul Orlando Explains Startups - Experts Explain Everything Podcast

08/22/2022 | 29 min
Paul Orlando is Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship and the Director of the Marshall Greif Incubator at USC. He is the author of 'Growth Units' and 'Startup Sacrilege.' Before USC, he co-founded AcceleratorHK (Hong Kong's first startup accelerator).In this episode of Rolli’s Experts Explai...

Dr. Jean Cirillo Explains Family Violence Therapy and Law - Experts Explain Everything Podcast

08/16/2022 | 20 min
Dr. Jean Cirillo is a psychologist and attorney. She specializes in relationships, women’s issues, dating, divorce, and custody solutions. In this episode of Rolli’s Experts Explain Everything, Dr. Cirillo explains how she uses her law degree in her psychology sessions, why some people stay ...

Maria Flynn Explains the Future of Jobs - Experts Explain Everything Podcast

08/02/2022 | 26 min
Maria Fynn is president and CEO of Jobs for the Future. JFF drives transformation of the American workforce and education systems to achieve equitable economic advancement for all. In this episode of Rolli’s Experts Explain Everything, Maria explains the factors driving changes in the labor ...

Faith Hibbs-Clark Explains Body Language and Deception Detection - Experts Explain Everything Podcast

07/11/2022 | 22 min
Faith Hibbs-Clark is a body language expert, a casting director for film & television, a celebrity acting coach, and the founder of the science-based acting method, The Communication Method for Actors.In this episode of Rolli’s Experts Explain Everything, Faith explains where crime shows...

Phillip Parker Explains Credit Card Payments - Experts Explain Everything Podcast

05/15/2022 | 14 min
Phillip Parker is a payment industry analyst and founder of, a watchdog group and blog that researches, ranks, and publishes reviews about companies that provide card payment services to small business.In this episode of Rolli’s Experts Explain Everything, Phillip expl...

Eddie Capparucci Explains Sex Addiction - Experts Explain Everything Podcast

05/12/2022 | 17 min
Eddie Capparucci is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a sex addiction specialist, and author of Going Deeper: How the Inner Child Impacts Your Sexual Addiction. In this episode of Rolli’s Experts Explain Everything, Eddie explains what triggers sex addictions, if our relationship to sex in ...

Dr. Tracy Pearson Explains Civil and Criminal Courts - Experts Explain Everything Podcast

05/12/2022 | 18 min
Dr. Tracy Pearson is an attorney and legal analyst. She has a Doctorate in Education in Organizational Change and Leadership.In this episode of Rolli’s Experts Explain Everything, Dr. Pearson explains the differences between civil and criminal courts, why you might be appointed a lawyer in s...

Marina Torres Explains the City Attorney Role - Experts Explain Everything Podcast

05/11/2022 | 17 min
Marina Torres is an experienced litigator, a former federal prosecutor with dozens of trials in federal & state courts, and she is running for Los Angeles City Attorney.In this episode of Rolli’s Experts Explain Everything, Marina explains what the role of the city attorney is, why they ...

Holly Caplan Explains 'Pink-Collar' Jobs - Experts Explain Everything Podcast

05/05/2022 | 13 min
Holly Caplan is an author, consultant, and advocate for women in the workplace.In this episode of Rolli’s Experts Explain Everything, Holly explains the impact the pandemic has had on 'Pink-Collar' jobs, how women have adapted to changes in the labor industry, and what employers can do to su...

Adam Coughran Explains School Safety and Training - Experts Explain Everything Podcast

05/01/2022 | 32 min
Adam Coughran is the President of Safe Kids Inc. He is a law enforcement veteran and an industry leader in safety and security training for schools, businesses, and organizations. In this episode of Rolli’s Experts Explain Everything, Adam explains why school safety training must be age appr...

Tracy Raczek Explains Geoengineering and Weather Modification - Experts Explain Everything Podcast

05/01/2022 | 29 min
Tracy Raczek is a former UN climate advisor and has over 20 years of experience working on science-based climate policy. She is Principal at TR Climate.In this episode of Rolli’s Experts Explain Everything, she reveals what geoengineering is, how it is already being used around the world to ...

Jason Earle Explains Mold and Indoor Air Quality - Experts Explain Everything Podcast

04/30/2022 | 20 min
Jason Earle is the founder and CEO of 1-800-GOT-MOLD? and creator of the GOT MOLD? Test Kit. He has spent the last twenty years in the mold, healthy home, indoor air quality industry.In this episode of Rolli’s Experts Explain Everything, he reveals if we should be worried about toxic mold, h...

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