Join hundreds of newsrooms using Rolli to accelerate newsgathering with the latest tech and AI.

Rolli is the most trusted ally for journalists seeking to discover new, diverse experts and events for their reporting, while staying ahead of the news cycle.

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Discover the first and only Newsroom as a Service™ platform.

Scan breaking & trending news from reliable sources 10X faster.

Rolli helps you filter out the noise by aggregating the top sources.

100% vetted experts, 0% PR spin.

Save time and contact 1000s of experts and their media offices directly. No booking fees, PR pitching or spam, ever.

Stay ahead of the news cycle.

Discover 100s of local and national news events, every day, on the news planning calendar.

Become a media coach.

Help world-class experts become world-class interviews by sharing interview tips and more. Rolli helps you monetize your media know-how!

Measure your impact.

Reveal your portfolio analytics and learn more about your audience with every story.

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All because of Rolli

“When the news about Silicon Valley Bank hit, reporters started contacting me. I ended up doing multiple interviews, including a TV interview for Reuters. All because of Rolli”

Paul Orlando

Professor, USC & Author, Growth Units

By far one of the best tools

“This is by far one of the best tools that a producer can use. I have been using this service since it launched and I tell every producer I know about it when trying to find an expert guest, especially on short notice.”

Colton Salaz

News Producer, Washington DC

Rolli is a go-to resource

“Rolli is a go-to resource when I’m on deadline and need to book a reliable expert. I already know the experts are vetted and willing to appear on camera. Rolli makes it easy to search by topic and location when I need to quickly find the right interview for a story or breaking news.”

Cory Minderhout

Bureau Chief, Los Angeles

Selection of experts is incredible

“My experience using Rolli for the latest documentaries I've been producing has been great. The attention of the team and the selection of experts they have is incredible and always a great added value to the production.”

Jessica Rutenberg

Documentary Producer, Miami

Built by Journalists.

Rolli is not a PR company. We empower journalists, with tools they actually need.

What We Do:

  • Vet Experts to the highest standards.
  • Save Journalists up to 20 hours a week.
  • 100% money-back guarantee on all yearly memberships.

What We Don’t Do:

  • Don’t allow PR to pitch you or share your data.
  • Don’t favor deep pockets over deep expertise.
  • Not PR owned or operated.

Rolli’s Local News Initiative

Local news organizations across the US are losing resources and shutting down,
leaving many communities without the news that matters most.

Rolli supports journalists at local and nonprofit news organizations with special access to the platform.

To apply for Rolli’s Local News Initiative, please contact us through this form.

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Meet the Experts:

Experts so qualified they don't need agents to pitch them – just a platform to find them.

Join hundreds of newsrooms using Rolli to accelerate their newsgathering with the latest tech & AI.