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Pull back the veil on your organization’s thought-leaders, and fill the room at your next event. All while contributing to a deep and meaningful public discourse.

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Rolli is not a PR company

Our mission is to provide journalists with trusted tools they actually need

What We Do

  • World-class thought-leaders with deep expertise
  • Help journalists find who and what they are looking for
  • Made by journalists, for journalists.

What We Don’t Do

  • Self-proclaimed experts paying for PR.
  • No pitching or selling of journalist contact data
  • Made by PR, for PR.

Who are the Journalists?

Rolli is used by network news producers, local news reporters, independent journalists, podcasters and award-winning documentarians across the country, everyday. It's a newsroom as a service that helps journalists keep up with a complex and fast-paced world. Show me the journalists

Pitch Emails Are Overwhelming Journalist Inboxes, it’s time for a change.

For years, software was created to pitch at journalists. Rolli is the first newsgathering platform for journalists

Journalists receive 100s of pitches
“More than 1 in 4 journalists receive over 100 email pitches per week”
Journalists say Pitches are irrelevant
“93% of journalists say a vast majority [of email pitches] are irrelevant.”
Journalist reply to 3% of pitches
“Of 100 email pitches journalists receive, they only respond to about 3”
98% of PR pros still use email
“Email remains the top tool of choice for 98% of PR professionals”


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Showcase your thought-leaders

Join the conversation by sharing your organization’s brightest minds and upcoming events with thousands of vetted journalists looking for experts from organizations like yours, everyday.

Step into the spotlight

The new era of media tools is here! Spotlighting, not cold pitching, is the way to go. News relevance and merit will put your thought-leaders at the forefront of the news-cycle, and Rolli will ensure that your organization’s expertise gets noticed when it matters most.

Events Calendar

Add your next event and fill the room! Rolli showcases thousands of newsworthy events happening around the country! Join in, share your organization’s event, or use it to discover new ones.

Share your media, and understand your reach

Share your organization's previous media appearances and measure your online engagement with just a click.

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